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Rustic Soul

Honest emotions straight from the heart

Rustic and rough, but at the same time cozy and warm – that’s what the new visual language “Rustic Soul” is all about. Originally emerged from the Eastern European blogger scene, we abandon ourselves with this modern, intense visual language.

On the one hand, rough natural surfaces, unrefined woods, metal with its patina and vintage pottery – on the other hand, warm light, lovingly arranged antique accessories and perfectly staged dishes. What seems as an ambiguity at first sight, “Rustic Soul“ combines the best of both worlds to a new thrilling visual language, that seems pleasingly cozy and yet homely – honest emotions straight from the heart.

The focus is on down-to-earth recipes using regional and seasonal ingredients which are authentically prepared and served. Dark shaded backgrounds of browns and blues are dominating the scene, while bright accents emphasize the main features.

The combination results in fascinating and emotionally charged food images that convey comfort and offer us a retreat into a better world. So, let your soul take a flight and join us at the table for a meal meant to be shared.