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Laurie Proffitt

Laurie Proffitt


After studying photography and working at various studios Laurie Proffitt discovered food photography and developed her true passion for this discipline.

She pays very close attention to colour, shape and texture. Proper lighting and composition are prerequisites for implementing her ideas and creating unique, high quality photos.

In her Chicago studio Laurie Proffitt works for prestigious customers that include Fortune 500 companies, magazines, restaurants and cookbook publishers. Beyond her passion for food photography, she finds satisfaction in art and travel photography.

Squeezed lime half Roasted Beef Bones in a Roasting Pan Rosemary Pork Roast Partially Sliced on a Pan Two Mini Stilton Cheese and Pear Tarts; On a Cooling Rack Brussels sprouts on the plant Lemon Upside Down Cake with a Slice Removed Pasta Tossed with Pesto; Wedge of Parmesan Cheese