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David Loftus

David Loftus

United Kingdom

David Loftus is already a legend. Named as one of the 100 most influential photographers of all time, his understated and inviting approach to his art has revolutionised food photography.

Through his lens, a simple meal becomes a still life of extraordinary beauty. Honesty and fidelity to ingredients have always been central to the Loftus vision. Not that he�s overly serious. Carefree is a key note. And food that looks flawless can also look unnatural. So Loftus saves perfection for his technical skills. These, of course, are second to none.

He�s a role model to today�s kitchen heroes. World-famous chefs like Jamie Oliver, Martha Stewart and Heston Blumenthal have come to depend on his unconventional and inviting take on life. They know Loftus will always find a way to make what�s already special into something unique.