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Joanna Kazmierczak

Joanna Kazmierczak


How did you become a photographer, especially a food photographer?

Ever since I can remember, I have loved to cook, and for this reason, I started a culinary blog. I didn't like the photos I was taking, so I watched others do it better, and over time, I started learning photography and food styling regularly. Today, I run my own photography business - it's my job and my passion.

What would you say about the style you are shooting? Please describe how you are working!

In my work, I focus on the styling of the food - the photo has to not only look appetizing but also show the viewer the taste, smell, and texture. This is supported by the fact that I like and know how to cook, and I know how individual ingredients behave during thermal processing. I build the whole arrangement around the food itself. My specialty and something that distinguishes me is storytelling. I try to convey the atmosphere, the emotions that accompany the food.

What are your favorite food topics? Why?

I enjoy photographing dry dishes the most, especially pasta dishes - they offer a lot of possibilities in terms of food styling, and you can play with their texture. Apart from that, I love cream soups - they don't look very appetizing on their own, but I can make them instantly stimulate the appetite. I also enjoy photographing all sorts of desserts, especially in a light, feminine setting.

Do you have any specific trademarks?

I think my trademark is, first and foremost, my attention to the look of the food - it's always the styling of the dish that I focus on the most. And although I sometimes take simple, minimalist photos, it's much more common to find me carelessly scattering spices, herbs, or other ingredients in a dish.

What is your inspiration?

I mostly draw inspiration from the food itself and the experiences I have with it. I focus on the dish, the emotion that comes with eating it. I'm also often inspired by colors, textures, and what I see every day - flowers and even... my photographic props. More than once, I have prepared a dish simply because I was enthralled by a dish and wanted to show it off in a culinary setting.

Please tell us about your funniest or most extraordinary experiences during a shoot!

Sometimes, when I'm taking photos in my home studio, I find that ingredients disappear from the set or are... overblown. This is how my cat tries to help me by making sure that too much ham doesn't end up in the frame. Sometimes I catch her in the act, but then, instead of chasing her away, I grab my camera and take pictures, which are then a great souvenir.

What should definitely be mentioned in a portrait about you?

It is certainly worth mentioning that I specialize in food styling, and this is my forte. It is also important to me that both creativity and good organization are equally important to me in my photographic work. Handing in work on time is a priority for me.

Would you like to tell us something personal about yourself: place of birth, hobbies, family, pets...?

Before taking up photography, I worked as a copywriter for several years, and writing, next to photography, is my biggest hobby. That's why storytelling is important to me when shooting food. And, unsurprisingly, I love reading books. Apart from that, I love Italian cuisine and Italy itself - every year I choose a different region of the country to visit during my holidays, and I can't wait for this year's trip to Tuscany. My greatest love, on the other hand, is my black cat, who accompanies me every time I shoot in my home studio.