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Laura Kuklase is obsessed with clean and healthy eating. She came by photography through a gift.

How did your food blog come about? Actually, I was studying law. How did a lawyer become a food blogger? I honestly have no idea. I’ve been in love with cooking since I was a child. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. Cooking and baking became my meditation and favorite pastime. I read tons of recipe books and tried to create all the dishes that came to mind. After a while, I started experimenting and creating new recipes. I wanted to try different combinations of aromas. I started my blog “Healthy Laura” for practical reasons. I documented my recipe ideas so that they wouldn’t just be an impulse or in my head. I began to write them down properly and share them with all those who wanted inspiration to cook healthier.

What do we find on your blog? I am obsessed with eating healthy. I think all ingredients should be processed as little as possible. I always look for natural ingredients or grow them myself. I love to eat lots of healthy fats and I don’t count calories. I am not a vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free, nor do I eat according to Paleo, but many of my recipes are just that.

What inspires you? The inspiration for my recipes and photographs come from different areas. I can spend hours looking at amazing pictures on Pinterest or Instagram. But I also like to watch the way that a cook plates the food in a restaurant. They always seem to know the best tricks. There are just so many ideas for food styling that I want to explore them all. Sometimes I just put away all the electronics and relax. Or I do something active like yoga or tennis. Spending time with my family and friends is also an important part of making productive and creative ideas.

What are your goals? My big goal is to tell stories about healthy food and enjoy the process of working at the same time. I also try to learn something new every day. If my work can inspire someone to eat healthy food, then I couldn’t be happier.

What role does food play in your life? I spend most of my “free” time daydreaming about recipes and photography. At the moment I also work as a freelance food photographer. That’s why it has become an important part of my everyday life. I can’t complain. I love what I do.

A funny story that you would like to share with us? My interest in photography started about seven years ago when I got my first camera as a gift from my lovely father. It was a fantastic gift with one condition: I had to take 200 different pictures every month. We still laugh at the fact that I only have the blog because I have to shoot 200 pictures every month.