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Claudia Gargioni

Claudia Gargioni Food blogger


Claudia Gargioni has always been passionate about food, photography and cooking. The 36 year old mother indulges her love of all things delicious in her blog “il gatto goloso”. She started collecting recipes when she was just 11 years old, cutting them out of magazines and saving them in a tin box. She loves simple recipes that are high on taste.

Claudia Gargioni grew up in the Italian country side and became accustomed to picking ripe fruit from trees in her beautifully maintained orchard and enjoying the luxury of fresh vegetables from the garden. Nature has always been her bounty and she loves to cook seasonal foods and to celebrate the passing of the year with foods that match each season.

She is a largely self-taught photographer who prefers shooting her photos in her own kitchen, using natural light. She only uses a studio and artificial light when absolutely necessary. The result is always a perfect image revealing the essence of the ingredients.

For several years she has worked as a professional food photographer for magazines and for companies. There her job entails writing and producing recipes, creating the appropriate styling to match the dishes and finally, photographing them. She fell in love with the entire creative process and her love food remains one of her greatest passions.