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Elisabeth von Pölnitz-Eisfeld

Elisabeth von Pölnitz-Eisfeld Food blogger


Elisabeth von Pölnitz-Eisfeld started her professional life as a trained nurse but soon went back to her artistic roots. After studying photo design she became a press photographer for a local newspaper but striving for perfection, her love of food and its artful presentation soon brought her to her start her own food blog.

She finds inspiration in many things, especially the antique shop of her friend Christel. "When I see a plate, a cup, a pot or some interesting like cutlery or glass, I imagine what I could serve on it and soon a new idea comes to life," says Elisabeth von Pölnitz-Eisfeld. She also finds inspiration in cook books and blogs.

Subjects on her eponymous blog range from recipes from books she is working on to luscious one-offs like desserts and pastries. "I like to photograph everything except meat. That's really hard," she says. She often uses antique accessories to show off her finished dishes.

Elisabeth's goal is to make her blog readers really enjoy her photos and to inspire them to cook the recipes. She is a perfectionist who rarely has a shoot that goes wrong. Meticulous planning prevents mistakes. On one rare occasion her crisp bread stuck to the baking paper but even then someone profited – even if it was only the birds outside her studio window.