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Nika Moskalenko

Nika Moskalenko


Nika Moskalenko is a blogger, food stylist and food photographer who lives in Kiev. Inspired by her native Ukrainian cuisine she has branched out, experimenting with herbs and spices and developing her many famous desserts recipes. Her blog "FatyKaty" is all about eating well and enjoying the fine art of cooking, which Nika loves to share with family and friends.

Nika is a person who makes others happy through really great food. She has always been fascinated by food and spent much of her childhood observing her mother and grandmother cook. Soon she joined in, cooking rich soups and desserts. "Since that time desserts have always been my favorite things to cook," she says.

Her husband surprised her by arriving at his second date with a piece of home-made cake. It augured well for the relationship and now they are often cooking in tandem, sometimes with the help of their three three-year old son.

“FatyKaty” is the name of Nika's blog and her kitchen. She loves kitchens that are full of great gadgets and plates, bowls, fabulous knives and forks of all kinds plus a lot of ingredients like herbs, spices, oils, vinegars, seeds, nuts and dried fruit. She also has a large collection of teas, coffee and a bit of alcohol – it is her "fatty place" where she is happiest.