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Tina Engel

Tina Engel


Tina Engel's portfolio covers a wide range of topics from Hygge Food, Clean Eating, regional, to the sustainable and food for children. The styling and photography come from a single source.

Tina Engel implements various food themes for book projects, advertising shoots or features for her customers with a certain love of detail. Originally from the food styling sector, she began food photography in 2014.

She has consistently developed her own style. You can find minimalist images or little stories about a dish or a product. Tina Engel takes care of everything herself from the conception of a recipe to styling to the photo shoot.

Simple and pure ingredients are in front of the lens of the passionate cook. The combination leads to a spectacular result for the eye and palate. The joy of photography, styling, and cooking motivates Tina Engel to always try out new techniques, recipes and ideas. Her work was also shortlisted for the Pink Lady Award "Food Photographer of the Year" in 2018.

Since 2014 Tina Engel also runs her own blog called "Made with Aloha". Through her blog, she aims to raise awareness for environmental protection in everyday life. The experienced food stylist takes her readers with her into her beautiful garden and reveals tips and tricks on how environmental protection can be applied in cooking without sacrificing taste and pleasure. Tina Engel shows that "seasonal" and "regional" cooking doesn't have to be boring. She wants to encourage people because she knows that even small steps count.