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Otmar Diez

Otmar Diez


At the age of 17 Otmar Diez discovered photography by pure chance when he met an animal photographer in the forest. For many years he exclusively photographed wild animals until, one day a publisher asked him to photograph medicinal plants, wild herbs and garden topics. At the time he was in poor health and he had the opportunity to experiment with the plants and came to appreciate their healing effect.

In the years that followed he pursued education in the field of medicinal plants and natural medicine. He became more and more fascinated by the idea of simplifying his life as much as possible and living from the things growing in his garden or plants found in nature.

Now he lives in the Lower Franconian region of Sulzthal almost all of his images are taken in the own garden or in his small photographic studio. His mission is to share his experience and he gives lectures and seminars on living a simple and natural life. Otmar Diez has also founded his own school of nature.