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Hannah Kompanik

Hannah Kompanik


Cooking, living, loving and working - these are her big passions. Hannah Kompanik photographs with emotion and includes her friends.

“It is always a pleasure to see a smile on the faces of my friends and guests when they eat something I have prepared for them. Their smile tells me, how good it is.”

Hannah Kompanik wants this rewarding feeling and her friend’s happy reaction to flow into her series of food photographs.

“The viewer should feel invited to take a seat and enjoy the food, the day and the conversations. Relax, drink, eat and talk. That’s what a good evening is made of. The pictures should look as if they were just taken live at the table or even in the viewer's kitchen!”

Photographer Hannah orchestrates the entire process up to the final image. She creates the recipes, cooks the meals, searches for suitable plates and props in flea markets and shops, and lastly takes the pictures.

But she is not working alone! To produce even better, more authentic images, she is supported by her husband and friends from Hamburg and Sweden. The results are a lively food atmosphere that conjures up a smile.