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Jane Saunders

Jane Saunders Food blogger

Jane Saunders started her "Little Sugar Snaps" blog because she loves talking about baking, cooking and photographing food. Her efforts have won her prizes, including finalist in the "Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year" competition two years running. She loves to put a bit of action into her images – small hands grabbing food or liquid being poured.

She also loves to shoot ingredients, particularly raw food in dramatic lighting. The mother of two girls lives in Chilterns, England – north of London but grew up in Nottinghamshire, a county famous for Robin Hood and Bramley apples.

Jane has been collecting recipes for years and discovered that blogging was a great way to document her creations and keep her focused on creating more recipes. Her blog is now just over one year old. She paces herself to create three to four new recipes a month. "If I can keep up that pace and continue to find it a fun experience, then the blog will be around for some time to come," she says.

Although a professional photographer, Jane likes to describe herself as a "full time Mum, with a serious addition to food photography and food – especially baking." She works from home, and fits her hours to suit her school-age children. She loves food photography along with setting up & styling food. She is passionate about light and uses it to achieve special effects.

Salted caramel ice cream in a tub and on a scoop Fresh Pomegranate Pasta tossed with Hazelnut Thyme Pesto Chocolate nut truffles and glasses of cocoa Lines and mint A chocolate truffle rolled in cocoa powder Layer cake with butter cream, chocolate flakes and an elf decoration, sliced