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Samantha Linsell

Samantha Linsell Food blogger

South Africa

Samantha Linsell’s life revolves around food. In addition to her blog, „Drizzle & Dip“, she works as a food stylist, writer of recipes and cookery books and as a food photographer. Nothing satisfies her more than being in her kitchen and trying out the recipes she has invented. Step-by-step she brings her ideas to fruition.

For her food images Samantha prefers dark backgrounds that dramatically present her culinary creations. She finds inspiration for her blog from food stylists and photographers worldwide and spends a good deal of her time surfing the net. She is constantly searching for exciting images and recipe ideas.

When she finds something she likes she posts it on her Pinterest page. When she travels through Cape Town or elsewhere, she uses her iPhone to upload information that inspires her via Instagram. Her variable and original recipes show where the inspiration eventually leads. Her digital recipe collection contains everything from cakes and desserts to picnic snacks, soups, salads and fish dishes – an exciting insight into her food-crazed life.

An anthology of her best recipes is available in a cookery book that bears the same name as her website. She has organized the international dishes under chapter headings such as, ‘morning’, ‘noon’ and ‘night’ and provides foods appropriate to each time of the day.

Chocolate and tomatoes represent the biggest challenges to Samantha‘s skills as a food photographer. She explains the reasons in her own words: “It is very difficult to get the dark brown colour of chocolate right without too many reflections,” she says. “With tomatoes the challenge is to capture the perfect shade of red.” You can judge for yourself how well she succeeds by viewing examples of her work.