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Gabriela Lupu

Gabriela Lupu


Photography started as a hobby when I was working as IT consultant. And then, just took over my life and all I wanted was to take photos all the time. I was born in Romania in a small resort in the north of the country. I lived there most of my life except 3 years when I lived in London. There I studied “Studio Photography Practice” and worked in this domain. That was a great experience which helped me have another great adventure in my life.

I always wanted to do something I love, so I traveled around the world working as a photographer for a cruise line. That was a great job, but I was still looking for the part of photography that really made me happy. Moving back home and starting a family, made me discover food photography and I fell in love with it. Working in this industry is such a beautiful process with lots of rewards and satisfactions.

I have a culinary and photography blog where I write about food photography for the food bloggers. I also put my recipes there with my photos. This blog helped me improve and also helped a lot of food bloggers get better photos for their blogs. I feel so good and proud when people read my blog and tell me that I really helped them get better. I am specialized in food, interiors and travel photography. I also love taking kids portraits. One child can make your day so perfect!

• Mention - "My Generation" - Bucharest, Romania 2006 - Photo
• Editor's Choice Award - International Open Amateur Photography Contest - The International Society of Photographers (ISP), 2008 - Photo

Photographs published in:
• TheLondonPaper - London, UK, 2007, 2008
• Endless Journeys - The International Library of Photography, 2008 - Photo
• Kojis Catalogue, UK, 2009

Honey and nettles in a jar Nettles on wooden board Spinach tart with cheese before going in the oven Cacao nibs in a spoon on a wooden background Cardamon seeds on a wooden background Dried banana and plums in a cup