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Martina Schindler

Martina Schindler


Being on the road, discovering countries, exploring nature at her door step, working with beautiful things, decorating and enjoying cooking – Photography is how Martina Schindler is able to bring her ideas to fruition and live her passions.

Martina Schindler lived in Tokyo for many years. The expansive Japanese cuisine and the endless energy of the city brought her even closer to food photography. The photographer even has her own Japanese website, where you can discover tips and trips to special places in Japan.

Within her photographs you will find traditional Japanese cuisine as well as celebrated dishes from her home country, Germany. Sometimes you’ll find that they mix because Heidelbeerkuchen, cream cakes and strawberries are popular in Japan.

Tofu with soy sauce and chopped chives Frozen blackberries and blueberries with blackberry leaves Blueberry and blackberry cake Japanese horseradish (wasabi) on ice Salted nori leaves (a popular snack in Japan, China and Korea) Tamago sushi (nigiri sushi with Japanese omlette) Chop sticks with plum blossom