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A winter garden – the ideal place to relax

The only thing better than a balcony is a conservatory! There we can take in the sun, no matter the weather. All that remains is a decision. What will your sunroom become?

The conservatory story

The history of the winter garden begins as an orangery. The first winter gardens were developed for plants. The buildings made it possible to keep plants from other countries in their native climate. Over time, conservatories were used as a natural place to gather. Initially only the privileged could afford this luxury. The oil crisis in the 1970s marked the beginning of another phase: energy conservation and the use of natural renewable resources.  Glass technology improved and using the sun as a natural energy source became of greater importance. Conservatories developed in numerous houses as a fully-fledged living space with an unique ambiance. Now, they have a variety of uses!

Dining room, lounge or garden?

The conservatory‘s walls are mostly made of glass. This makes the room especially bright and inviting. This technique is used to house all types of interior design spaces. How about a dining area with a scenic view, a welcoming living room or a cuddly lounge to watch the sunset? The main thing is to just enjoy!

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