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Vegan breakfast ideas – Inspiration for Early Birds and Late Risers

Vegan is a widespread topic. Breakfast is as well. We combined both and started looking for vegan breakfast ideas. Bowls, fruit bread, granola, vegan pancakes or zoats – what can it be?

#Bowllove, #HeaveninaBowl or #BowlGoal – these hashtags are a great source of inspiration for preparing breakfast bowls. In our image selection, we have put together many vegan bowls for you and more.


Have you heard of Zoats? It’s oatmeal or porridge with zucchini. This vegan breakfast is healthy and keeps you full even longer thanks to the extra dose of fiber. The warm breakfast porridge is particularly suitable for the colder months. In order to keep the whole thing vegan, you should boil up the oat flakes with a non-dairy milk alternative. The breakfast dish can be refined with cinnamon, cardamom or vanilla. You are free to choose your toppings. Nuts and/or seeds go well with the (tasteless) courgettes.  You can make it sweeter by adding bananas and berries.


If you prefer crunchy instead of creamy, you should bet on Granola. The crunchy muesli consists of baked oat flakes and usually contains nuts. You can also easily make this yourself in the oven and take it with you to the office as a Meal Prepped breakfast. Simply enjoy with a smoothie base, a compote or a vegan yogurt.

(Fruity) Bread

Banana bread, grain bread with figs, walnut box bread or rye bread with a colorful spread – The choices are endless. These vegan breads are a delicious alternative to breakfast porridge and bowl. We like to serve hearty variations with avocado, sprouts, and hummus.


Discover the vegan inspirations for early birds and late risers!


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