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Trend: Spa bathrooms – turn your bathroom into an oasis for wellness

A free-standing bathtub, textiles made of pure cotton and linen, tones such as graphite grey, sand and white – this is how we picture rooms at spa resorts. Now we also design our bathrooms this way!

Spa resort, wellness hotel, hammam or day spa – these places are booming! Their ambience provides us with relaxation, allows downtime and helps us to escape the stresses of everyday life. However, the expensive visits there can come to an end, as the wellness ambiance moves into your own home! Spa-style bathrooms are a clear trend. At Pinterest, the category achieved an increase of 269 percent, measured by the increase of pins in the last year.

Enjoy relaxing, surrounded by soothing things, luxury within your own four walls…this is how the personal spa bath works:


Colors can be used appropriately to enhance the feeling of well-being. Shades such as sand or cream have a particularly gentle effect, contrasting with graphite grey and white which are harmonious and stylish.


Natural materials are essential for spa design and feeling. These feel good and touch our senses too. Wood, stone and bamboo are suitable for bathroom accessories. Textiles such as towels and carpets are also kept in natural fabrics such as pure cotton or linen. Slate or granite or natural stone are recommended for entire walls, they enhance simple showers and quickly make the bathroom look modern.


Make the bathtub or shower the center of your room! By placing free-standing bathtubs and showers in the middle of the bathroom, a generous, luxurious atmosphere is created quickly. Alternatively, bathtubs can be placed on an elevated platform and the design can be optimized excellently. For a hotel-like bathroom use atypical furnishings. A chandelier, a velvet armchair, a floor-level mirror or a chest of drawers turn your room into a deluxe bathroom.


Basic lighting should not be too bright and should emit a warm, yellowish light. It is better to rely on several small light sources than on a single ceiling spotlight.  Candles are also important mood-setters for your own wellness oasis. Colored light can also be used: cool tones such as blue are soothing, yellow and orange have an invigorating effect. Our noses can also report “relaxation” to the brain – scents like grass, lavender and delicate notes of vanilla have calming effects.

A balanced atmosphere, luxurious furnishings, warm tones and natural materials – discover the images of the spa bath trend at living4media!

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