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From our French collection: Highlights from a bird’s eye view

PhotoCuisine is our French collection for food images. From this we show you images with pure colors, clear textures and structures – highlights from a bird’s eye view.

The way we look at things affects our perception. The same applies to photography.

When seen from a bird’s eye view, culinary images appear clear and precise. Pure colors, clear textures, and structures appear on the plate. The graphic representation reveals the exact composition. Each component is perfectly legible.  Now the image can tell its story, and nothing can be hidden behind the artistry of photography.

Images from a bird’s eye view have a very special appeal: pure, clear, precise and always gourmand.


See the PhotoCuisine highlights from a bird’s eye view!


More images from a bird’s eye view? You can find them at Stock Food… Dare to look from above!


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