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Pasta Love

We couldn’t do without it. All over the world Pasta is considered soul food. The Hashtag #pastalover includes nearly half a million posts on Instagram. Today we dedicate ourselves to the favorite food.

In the Beginning

Once upon a time… Yes, how did pasta actually come about?

Who actually invented pasta is still unclear today. China and Italy argued for a long time about which country pasta came from. It is assumed that different types of noodles were invented in different places independently of each other. What we know for certain: In Greece and Italy, food was already available in ancient times. The term pasta is Italian and means dough. In Italian cuisine, pasta is, therefore, pasta made from durum wheat semolina in many sizes and shapes.


Pasta is a global food product that is consumed on all five continents. It can be seen as both a food staple and upscale gastronomy. Pasta represents a dynamic and healthy lifestyle and takes us to faraway countries – depending on the type of pasta we choose.

Pasta Day

In the USA, the National Pasta Day takes place on October 17, and on October 25 the whole world celebrates Pasta Day every year. On this day, events and various initiatives are held around the world to draw the attention of the media and consumers to pasta. There is even an official logo. The core message is the economic feasibility, the gastronomic versatility and the nutritional value of pasta.

Anyone who has ever wondered how pasta names are created will find that the endings play an important role and refer to the form. Here’s what they mean:

-elle = broad, for example, Tagliatelle

-ette = narrow or small, for example, Lasagnette

ine/-ini = small, for example spaghettini, tortellini

-oni = large, for example, cannelloni, tortelloni

Rigate = corrugated

Lisce = smooth

Mezze = truncated, shortened (literally “half”), as addition, for example, Mezze Penne


Pasta lovers gather here:

Noodles of all kinds – Images to celebrate World Pasta Day



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