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New at living4media: The Duo Medri-Szczepaniak

Together, photographer Olaf Szczepaniak and interior designer Miriam Medri, compose creative interior photography and DIY projects. Here is a look at their collaborative works.

Olaf Szczepaniak is a passionate interior design, lifestyle and fashion photographer. Miriam Medri is an interior and textile designer with a passion for materials and color theory. They have teamed up and are working together on interior photographs and DIY projects. You can find their collaborations with us!

Miriam Medri and Olaf Szczepaniak present their DIY and interior photography.

Teamwork is the duo’s top priority. Despite all the challenges, their shoots always carry a familiar and relaxed atmosphere. They offer their customers solutions based on their project’s specific needs. Together they handle everything from idea development, to project planning, art buying, styling, photography, to post-production.

Living, brilliant lighting, individual set construction, creativity, and design solutions are our strength.

The duo works together with set builders and other creatives such as filmmakers, tailors, and upholsterers. They can fall back on various graphic designers and are closely connected within the industry. Shooting small films have become an integral part of their work.

Medri and Szczepaniak are guided by trends they find at trade fairs. They are inspired by books, magazines, exhibits, and art. Above all the duo is inspired by life and individuals.

Craziest Shoot ever…

In order to photograph a fishing scene on an outdoor set for Tenerife, the duo built a wooden jetty in an artificial lake (a rainwater pond) that had a view of a volcano. Despite the demanding circumstances, the result was quite a success. The final photo portrayed relaxation at the lake with a dreamlike view. The image was chosen as the cover of the catalog.

For three years they had the honor to accompany the collection with Guido Maria Kretschmer. Each collection seemed like a new adventure.


Miriam and Olaf share their collaborative photographs here.
Here you can find the extensive portfolio of Olaf Szczepaniak


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