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New at StockFood: Photographer Lana Konat

Her personal food saga began in the kitchen when she noticed how appetizing her breakfast looked. That feeling of satisfaction is exactly what Lana Konat conveys through her photography.

In the beginning, her aim was to convey a certain feeling through photography. From then on, Lana Konat was occupied with the theory and practice of food photography. She devoted herself to cooking and food styling so much that these activities became her life. Through her images, this self-taught photographer continues to convey that feeling of satisfaction that arises when you have cooked a beautiful and delicious meal.

Lana Konat wants convey a certain feeling through photography.

Lana Konat loves to break new ground in food photography. But it’s her love for detail that remains unchanged. Details are what give her compositions their special mood, accent, and sharpness. After she moved to a city in Turkey with Greek roots and oriental peculiarities, the colors and tastes reawakened her love for food photography.

Lana works with small restaurants, magazines, as well as online projects as both a food photographer and as a food stylist. Besides eating, she likes to photograph the emotions of people young and old. These often appear in her food photos.

She shares all her creativity with her followers through her Instagram profile. The photographer is inspired by sunshine, natural materials, and oriental colors, as well as unique color combinations.


View Lana Konat’s food photos here. Get inspired now!


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