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New at living4media: Photographer Jelena Filipinksi

Jelena Filipinksi is fascinated by how the components of a room design affect people. She prefers to photograph with natural light and her work has a clear and bright visual language. 

Photographer Jelena has a love for interior and fashion design. ©Jelena Filipinski

Originally, she wanted to become a fashion photographer, but Jelena Filipinksi found her love for interior design. Beautiful rooms and furnishings interest her just as much as light, which unfolds its effect through specific architecture and interior design.

Jelena wants to capture this aesthetic in pictures. The trained advertising photographer likes to observe and photograph rooms at different times of the day and in different weather conditions in order to find the ideal moment to best capture a room.

She can hear the waves…

Jelena Filipinksi is married, has two children with another on the way. She lives with her family in Schleswig-Holstein near the Baltic Sea where she likes to spend time on the beach. She loves to watch how different times of day and weather change the light and the landscape.

The family lives in a detached house with a garden from the 50’s. Jelena and her husband Thomas enjoy renovating and furnishing the rooms. They particularly like to look for suitable furnishings and household items at flea markets – their furnishing style is a mixture of modern and vintage. They are currently remodeling one of the children’s rooms and want to convert part of the garden into usable living space.

You can find posts about these renovations and decorating on her blog “Can you hear the waves?” She feels inspired by light, but colors, nature, art and people who surround themselves with aesthetic things also contribute to her creativity. This can be real encounters with people and their houses as well as encounters within social media. Jelena is on Instagram, Blogs and Pinterest. In addition to interior photography, she continues to work for some clients in fashion photography.


Special light, clear aesthetics – here you will find the interior images of Jelena Filipinksi


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