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Food in Millennial Pink

A shade of grapefruit combined with salmon and a touch of apricot – Millennial Pink is the color of Generation Y. The shade reflects the trends of current times. We present you with Food in Millennial Pink.

Millennial Pink is called the color of Generation Y. The generation that is also known as “Millennials” are born in the early 80s to the early 2000s represents the first generation of the digital era.

The Pink of the Millennium

Describing the actual color is not easy. It’s a calm and peaceful pink tone that conveys clarity and purity. Slightly ironic, the thousand-year-old pink, also known as “Tumblr Pink”, stands for a certain kind of beauty. This tone is supposed to show that rosa doesn’t always have to be girlish. It allows The color to escape its typical connotation allowing it to be pretty while maintaining an intellectual distance.  Millennial Pink describes the Millennials attitude toward life, their values, as well as their point of view on hot topics including; feminism, gender, politics, start-ups, and the courage to be unusual.

The color of trends

As a trend color, it is characterized by various developments. As early as 2015, Apple launched an iPhone in the shade “rose gold”, which was discussed in relation to the message of color. Pantone then named “rose quartz” as the color of the year 2016. The warm, embracing pink tone reflected a soothing sense of order and peace thus becoming an antidote to modern tensions. A lighter pink variation, called “Pale Dogwood”, was then published in the Pantone Report in spring 2017. This color quickly became visible in the world of fashion and design. Brands such as Acne Studios, Gucci, Céline and many other labels presented rosa in their collections. The hue was also increasingly used for shopping bags, websites, magazine covers, and campaigns.

Trending in social media

In line with the way that this generation communicates, the pink rose quickly spread on social networks and blogs. Be it in the form of beauty products, modern interiors, design accents in our favorite bars and restaurants, or as trendy drinks such as Frosé, homemade lemonade, and smoothies, Millennial Pink is the color that is the most prominent on Instagram and Tumblr.

Pink Food

The latest expression of this trend is Food in Millennial Pink. It is usually found in sweets such as cupcakes or macarons, but salmon and tuna also count. Other variations are also being created:  Pink pasta, beetroot dips, bowls with pink topping, light radicchio…

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