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Food or Thought: StockFood Photographer Rose Hewartson

Australian food photographer Rose Hewartson started her career focusing on families but soon discovered that her real love was food. She is inspired by dramatic lighting and has now discovered “Naked Cakes” and loves adding many elements to them.

“If you have never tried a cake with Swiss butter cream you don’t know what you’re missing,” says Rose. “It has a melt-in-your mouth satin texture.”

Her passion for food and her love of dramatic lighting characterise her work. “I am inspired by dramatic light and have always been drawn to dark and moody photography,” she explains.

Her creative talents include hand lettering, an art she displays on her website and often combines with her food photography. “I love the idea of combining hand lettered quotes with food images and that’s something I am going to do more of in the future,” says Rose.

She is constantly searching for new ways to expand her creativity. When she’s cooking, she doesn’t follow recipes exactly. Instead, she improvises and often adds new ideas and tastes.

Rose Hewartson lives in Brisbane and – like almost all Australians – she loves the beach. In addition to her lettering, cooking and photography she is a great fan of 80s rock music and listens to it all day long.

You can find her latest creations on her blog.

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