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In focus: StockFood Photographer Gabriela Lupu

Photography started as a hobby when Gabriela Lupu was working as IT consultant. And then, just took over her life and all she wanted was to take photos all the time.

Gabriela Lupu was born in Romania in a small resort in the north of the country. Gabriela lived there most of her life except 3 years when she lived in London. There she studied “Studio Photography Practice” and worked in this domain. That was a great experience which helped her have another great adventure in her life.

Gabriela always wanted to do something she loves, so she traveled around the world working as a photographer for a cruise line. That was a great job, but she was still looking for the part of photography that really made her happy. Moving back home and starting a family, made me discover food photography and she fell in love with it. Working in this industry is such a beautiful process with lots of rewards and satisfactions.

Gabriela has a culinary and photography blog where she writes about food photography for the food bloggers. She also puts her recipes there with her photos. This blog helped her to improve and also helped a lot of food bloggers get better photos for their blogs. She feels so good and proud when people read her blog and tell her that she really helped them get better. Gabriela is specialized in food, interiors and travel photography. She also loves taking kids portraits. One child can make her day so perfect!

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