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In Focus: Colorful photography by Olena Gorbenko aka Gorobina

Olena Gorbenko is a food blogger and photographer. The Ukrainian presents colorful soul food and creative food styling that puts you in a good mood.

Olena Gorbenko shows colorful photographs as “Gorobina”.

Olena’s grandmother worked as a cook. It was through her example and efforts that she learned that delicious food came in many varieties. Good food and cooking became an important part of her childhood. Painting was also a great passion of hers.

However, her career began quite differently. Olena first pursued a career in the field of oil extraction and production. She found this profession to be realistic and safe. Only after a long journey and watching her career advance that she began to realize that she should switch to an artistic career.

One day, as she looked at the photos in food magazines, she felt a tingling sensation. It suddenly became very clear to her that food photography united her passion for delicious food with the beauty of painting. Olena Gorbenko taught herself all the necessary skills and began to paint with light instead of brushes.

My goal is to show the original beauty of the ingredients and the elegance of the cooked food through my paintings.

She started food blogging as a side project. Her goal was to pass on her knowledge to those who are willing to learn. Her simplified recipes and colorful photos were immediately well received and inspired people who felt that cooking was hard work. Olena is always happy when she reads the news and comments from people who have discovered the lightness and creativity of cooking.

Food photography takes up most of her time. Olena says not a day goes by without her taking at least one photo. At the Pink Lady Award in 2017 and 2019, her photographs were nominated for the “Food Photographer of the Year”. Some of her photos were also nominated for the screening of the Foodphoto Festival. Gorobina’s food images can also be found on her Instagram profile.

Olena dreams of publishing her own recipe book and would like to work in a global food photography production company.


This is the colorful, lively style of Olena Gorbenko’s pictures.


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