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Ice Cream Styles

We all scream for ice cream! Especially when it tastes fantastic AND looks stylish. You say it doesn’t matter what it looks like? Well, look at this!

Nice Cream

Nicecream is healthy ice cream – vegan, without milk and prepared according to the Clean Eating principle. The term is a combination of “nice” and “ice cream.” Peeled, frozen bananas are usually used as the basis for this, which also ensures a certain creaminess. Other frozen fruits such as mangoes, strawberries or stone fruits can be used as an alternative base. This nice cream is not only healthy, it looks nice too!

Hooray for Nicecream!
Ice Cream Rolls

Ice rolls are a big current trend in Thailand. It’s freshly made ice cream that is formed into rolls with a spatula. The ice cream is not presented and served in scoops, but in beautiful elegant rolls instead, while freshly prepared in front of the customer. The base is a type of crème anglaise, which is placed on a -30°C/-22°F cold plate. With all kinds of ingredients and toppings (like fresh fruit, chocolate, cookies or brownie pieces) flavors are customizable – the combinations are endless! The frozen ice is mixed together with two sharp spatulas directly on the cooling plate and are then formed into rolls.

Shops preparing rolled ice cream are gaining in popularity, examples include Curly’s Ice Dreams in Germany or 10Below in the U.S.A.

Bubble Waffles

It’s not unusual to eat ice cream in a waffle cone. But this waffle turns ice cream enjoyment into new and different experience! Crispy waffles from the bubble waffle iron are filled with ice cream, sauces and your favorite toppings – these can be nuts, pieces of chocolate or fruit – and then rolled up and served in a bag. The waffles with their special bubbles come from Hong Kong and have been a popular snack there for a long time.

Let’s bubble waffle!
Fancy Flavors

If you don’t care about the style, you’ll find something special among the flavors: imagine turmeric, Earl Grey or green tea ice cream or ice cream with coffee halva and chocolate chips.  How about thyme laurel or ice cream with white chocolate and candied ginger?  Can you even consider banana broccoli ice cream?

Discover the fancy ice cream flavors here!


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