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Those Moves! Here You Can See Food in Action

Images that depict food in motion or have visible hands are particularly popular in social media. Here, we are showing you Food in Action – preparing, decorating and serving can be so beautiful.


The ingredients are usually moved and processed before the photographing begins by either kneading, sprinkling, stirring, shaking, or drizzling. Perhaps the reason Food in Action is so popular is because it has that “Behind the Scenes” feeling. What happens before the dish is complete? What do the hands that prepare it look like? Our action photographs are so special because they are so rare. There are more images of food with visible hands among the pictures in our Food Blogger Collection. However, the dripping, flowing, or failed meal attempts are always an exception.

Keep moving!

Photographs that show food in motion feel authentic and intimate. We feel as if we were there in person. As if we were actually in the kitchen or with someone we know. Maybe a friend who is preparing pizza dough? Or we feel like we are taking a glimpse of our childhood when mommy finishes decorating a cake. We can even remember what the first piece tastes like. You can also see at Instagram & Co that this authenticity pleases. As soon as hands are seen on food pictures or food is presented in motion, the users become curious. They feel addressed as though they are now part of the process.

Be in the moment with us. We’ve put together spraying beer, trickling icing sugar, thrown pancakes and other food actions for you.

Here’s our favorite food in action!


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