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Focus on the Banner: Happy (healthy) Carbs

We could not do without pasta. Carbohydrates make us happy. This week, we are taking a break from low carb diets. Don’t worry, it’s all healthy…

Bread, potatoes and pasta, these are the three carbs we’ve chosen.

First, the most colorful image catches the eye: Purple potato salad served on green sauce is placed in the middle of the banner. Sprinkle a few more seeds over it and it’s ready for the first taste. The spoon is already there. To the right, there is pasta salad with Greek yogurt, cucumber and mint. The view from above enhances the creaminess of the dish. Before our mouths water, we quickly turn our attention to the first image, bread. This carbohydrate is represented by delectable pita wraps with chicken, chickpeas and rocket.

All three dishes use carbohydrates with a special, healthy twist. Also, all three pictures are created with simple props: light gray background of fabric, a few glasses, spoon, basket and cloth. That’s it. The overhead view places the focus on the food. These carbs are seen at their best…

Pasta lovers, bread lovers, and carb connoisseurs – ENJOY!


You can find even more pure and bright carbs in our matching image selection for the banner.

Visit happy (healthy) carbs here!


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