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Focus on the Banner: Drenched in Night

It is the week of Halloween and therefore the mood is getting creepier than usual. The Shadowy and obscure are more in focus this week, so we are presenting Black Food.

The banner of the week is dark. Besides black Ice Cream Cones (vegan by the way) you can see a Black Velvet Cake and a smoking Blackberry Martini. In addition to the motifs, the background of the pictures are dark grey and velvety black. The props are limited to serving plates and an ice cream scoop. Accents are offered by turquoise sprinkles and a smoking rosemary branch. Mysterious and dark is the motto of our banner.

Drenched in night will also be on our Instagram channel this week! We invite you to admire our theme week full of Black Food. Have a look!

Black Food – what is behind it?

For some time it was a big trend to black out food. Smoothies, ice cream, café latte, and breads were mixed with activated carbon. Carbon is known for its health benefits such as detoxifying and curing hangovers. However, there are a few other ways to get that deep pigment into your food. Sepia ink colors pasta, pizza dough, noodles and burger rolls.  Hawaii sea salt is black by nature. Truffles and black garlic also come to the dark side without complaint.

Black rice, black noodles, black burgers, black macarons – The food of the night awaits you!

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