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New Trends: From Fashion to Home

During Fashion Week, designers and labels present the fashion trends for the coming season to the world. Freshly inspired by the catwalk, we will show you five new trends which can also be implemented in your own home flawlessly.

1st pastel

Light lilac, soft light blue and light mint, as well as powdery pink and soft yellow, are the colors of the coming season. You can see from the shows of Riani and Marina Hoermanseder that fashion is becoming pastel. Pastels are great to use in the home. A mix of different pastel shades can bring freshness to the rooms. Those who prefer it pastel and cool can complement the interior with sage green or lemon yellow, which suits both the industrial look and the Scandi style.


2nd Dark Floral

These trendy flower patterns are anything but girlie! Flowers and floral patterns present themselves on basic dark colors.  It is seen in fashion on skirts, dresses, or blazers. In homes, this works with cushions, rugs, curtains, and especially wallpapers. In order to keep the room from becoming too dark, it is essential to pick out the light tones of the flowers and use them with other home elements.

3rd Transparent & shiny!

Everything is becoming shiny! Jackets, trench coats, and accessories such as bags will be transparent. Outerwear made of PVC or patent leather were clearly represented on the catwalks.  This trend is shown completely clear and a transparent shade of every color in the rainbow. Plastic jewelry will be everywhere by spring at the latest. For interiors, we are creating new highlights such as transparent lampshades and colorful plastic chairs, and vibrant plastic room dividers. If this is not sustainable enough for you, you can design new home accessories a la DIY from old plastic objects.

4th Stripes & Glencheck

Stripes are indispensable from season to season. Straight, diagonal, vertical, as well as horizontal striped, this pattern is a trend for all garments. Fresh from Fashion Week, checks are thrown in the mix. Versace was using colored and retro Glencheck.  This pattern makes every piece look classy. For the interior look, it’s best to choose only individual pieces, such as a sofa, an armchair, or bed linen in striped or checkered. This way the piece can stand out and come into its own. A statement wall is a perfect place for this pattern as well.

5th Opulence

Fashion is becoming voluminous and opulent from puffed sleeves to padded jackets, puffed blouses, and thick down. Balenciaga is showing oversize jackets. This trend is also developing in parallel as an interior trend. So let’s take a closer look at how to implement it. Sofas and beds with quilted and upholstered backs move into the home. It’s making a statement of “The more puffed up our loungers are with down and blankets, the better.”


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