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Home, Please! Delivery Services are Booming

Will we only be buying food online in the future? Going out to eat and grocery shopping are increasingly being replaced by online orders. What will happen with delivery services?

The supply industry has grown strongly and will continue to do so. Here is a look at the status quo and exciting innovations.

According to a survey by Statista, in 2023 84.7 million users in the United States will take advantage of food delivery services provided by restaurants. The number of users of online food delivery services (Platform-to-Consumer Delivery) is expected to be around 60.6 million. Seen from 2019, this corresponds with an increase of 22.42 percent.

So-called “ghost restaurants” serve the increased demand for delivery-only restaurants (for example Maya Blue in New York). These look like hip locations from the outside, but the customer can’t actually eat there. They serve purely via delivery. While retailers have already moved into the industry (Amazon Fresh), food orders via Facebook or other social media could also be possible in the future. Facebook had already tested this in 2017.


New Delivery Concepts

New concepts are emerging more and more: How about an all over delivery? You can order anything you need with your meal. “Postmates“, for example, advertises “We deliver more than just dinner”. They make the whole thing affordable by offering flat delivery rates. With an annual payment, you get unlimited deliveries right to your home.

Quality is seeing an increase too. “Munchery” offers a constantly changing menu. Their motto “from farm to fork” shows that they put an emphasis on organic ingredients from local farmers. In some places, platforms even offer deliveries from restaurants with Michelin stars. Also dog food delivery is meanwhile possible via an online delivery service. Delivery Hero delivers (in South America!) medications and food for your pet.

Grünzeug GmbH, which has already developed the Vanilla Bean App (restaurant guide for vegan food), is planning to be very future-oriented. They want to start a packaging-free delivery service that is CO2-free and 100% vegan. After the financing phase in autumn of 2019, the service will be launched in Berlin. Innovative environmentalist’s motto is “It’s time for a new way of delivering food.”

So in this industry anything is possible. McKinsey believes the food sector will continue to grow in line with smartphone use as users seek to take full advantage of the technology.

Let’s show you the StockFood delivery service. Here is a range of delivery pictures:


Ordering can be so nice!


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