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Calligraphy on Cakes and biscuits: Trendy Cake Lettering is so sweet 

Cake Lettering lovingly combines tasteful decoration, personal texts, and tasty cakes. Cakes, biscuits, cupcakes, and macarons are being decorated with beautiful lettering.

This is something for very special occasions! Birthday cakes, wedding cakes, Christmas cookies and pastries for special days are decorated with words and lettering. The beautiful lettering is edible and is placed on fondant or edible paper to give the baked goods a special kind of individuality.

From A to Z

The ornaments can be done with a single letter, but it is better to use a legible font. You can design them classically with liquid chocolate. Some use royal icing (made from meringue powder, water, and powdered sugar) which works very well with food coloring. Those who are timid can use sugar sticks or powder paint and brushes.

Writing Lesson

A little practice is needed when guiding the lettering by hand with the piping bag. For long words, we suggest that you leave the dots for i‘s and j‘s and the dash for t’s till the end. The Faux Calligraphy method is the best way to achieve beautiful results and fonts. The swing is simply created by pulling all downward movements. To be more precise, this means that as soon as a downward movement occurs during writing, it exerts pressure and continues the momentum until it rises again. There you then put on the same height for the next letter and use the momentum again. The distance between the letters should be the same.

Loving lettering on sweet things – Here are our Cakes with Letters

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