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Bye summer! Hello, foods we are loving right now

Liveliness of the summer is over; we are noticing colder evenings and sleepiness creeping in. Late summer has arrived. We present new food highlights which make the end of summer easier to bear!

We present new food highlights which make the end of summer easier to bear!

For the late summer, yellow and brown foods are especially recommended. Pumpkin, corn, carrots, chestnuts, potatoes and sweet potatoes as well as apricots and peaches strengthen our body. Beans and lentils are thriving right now too! They nourish and supply us with essential energy. This year’s late summer will be an extended culinary season – the following are the food highlights for late summer 2017!

Low Carb Pasta

We no longer eat pasta made of wheat flour, but from protein. These new pasta varieties are made of red or yellow lentils, chickpeas or peas. You cook them in the conventional way, but they need less cooking time. Since there are less carbohydrates, these alternatives are easier to digest and thus optimal as low carb foods for late summer evenings. These noodles are also suitable for all vegans because eggs are not used in the production. In addition, the pasta is gluten-free. But the most important thing: taste is delicious and they pair well with all our favorite sauces.

One Pot

The Italians and Sicilians knew already the advantages of this fast preparation. “Pasta Risottata” and Fregola Sarda were simply put into a pot with other ingredients and POW – an exceptional tasting dish was placed on the table. In the US this trend is known as “one-pot-meals”; and that is the ultimate recommendation for the late summer. Chop the late summer vegetables, add quinoa or pasta to a pot or a high pan, pour in water and cook for ten to fifteen minutes. Save on time, energy, and preparation and use those seasonal ingredients!


Maca, Ube, Yams – these are the keywords for the late summer tip “tubers”. With consuming of roots or tubers we strengthen the core of our body (spleen, pancreas and stomach) and supplement our congenital life energy. They can be used in the form of soups, in lieu of potato wedges or in powder form added to muesli and used in baking. The vitamins, amino acids and nutrients from earth make us awake and powerful.

 Discover the food highlights for late summer 2017!

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