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The Breakfast Club – how breakfast is internationally served

What do you eat in the morning? Individual breakfast habits are as various as the meals in different countries. Idli with chutney or rye bread with crab meat – find out more!

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” or “eat breakfast like an emperor” – there are various statements that describe how essential the first meal of the day is. But as individual as the breakfast habits of each person are, breakfast varies from country to country. In southern India, for example, there is idli with chutney, in Scandinavia rye bread with crab meat, chechebsa is eaten for breakfast in Ethiopia. We’ll show you an array of international breakfast dishes!

The cultural significance

It is the first meal of the day, common to almost all countries. But the implementation, the time for it, the associated rituals and above all the dishes vary greatly. In African and Asian cultures, for example, a sweet breakfast is not common at all.

The Terminology

The German word “Frühstück” (breakfast) dates etymologically back to the 15th century. At that time it was called “vruostücke” which means the piece of bread eaten early.  The English expression “breakfast” refers to the “breaking of the fast” because of the first food intake after the night. In Portuguese it is called “pequeno almoço”, which means “small lunch,” similar to French.


In our “Breakfast Club” we have assembled some international breakfasts for you!


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