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At the Long Table – Table Shots and A New Way to Dine

Join us at the table. That’s the motto. Which table? It doesn’t matter. It just has to be long enough and possess the right “soft” atmosphere. Long tables are the trend.

Exceptionally long wooden tables are the piece of furniture that restaurants and hotels are putting their faith in. It symbolizes a trend that is based on the search for community and well-being. The wooden benches and chairs to these tables are made inviting with faux furs and leathers. The wall is decorated with moss and the light is warm. This “hyggelige” atmosphere invites you to relax and enjoy.

Private dining rooms have now shifted towards a communal base that welcomes encounters. In the future, complete strangers will sit at one table, join in the conversation, and possibly share a meal or two. The long, richly set tables represent a new way of dining.

With Balagan and tapas, sharing is the focus. Instead of the main course, different starters are served to a group.

Social and political tensions are shaping this trend. Using long tables suggests that in uncertain times more and more people look for company, togetherness, and joy. This trend is also supported by posts on social media of “Table Shots” and “Grazing Tables“. The photographs usually show a table from above, laid with numerous dishes.


We’ve set long tables and we’re asking you to join us for dinner!


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