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Arctic Circle Trail by Photographer Christian Frumolt

105 miles through the wilderness. Without cellular reception. Without civilization. Simply “outside“. Accompany Christian Frumolt on his adventurous journey to Greenland!

In July 2017 Christian Frumolt and three friends set off on an adventure to Greenland. They carried a satellite telephone with them just in case of an emergency. Everyone carried 66 pounds of photo equipment, clothes, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, and dry food on their backs.

You can imagine how pleasantly surprised they were when they came upon an abandoned canoe center and were able to cover 15 miles of their trip by canoe. The bleak and seemingly endless landscape and the almost 24 hours of daylight fascinated them very much. The group hiked mainly at night. A surreal experience of their tour: watching the sunset at 1.00 a.m. and the sunrise at 1.15 a.m. Find out more on Chris blog or watch the trailer.

We are so lucky that Christian Frumolt lets us participate in this unforgettable journey with his overwhelmingly beautiful photos.


The Arctic Circle Trail by Christian Frumolt – To the pictures 


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