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Michael Paul

United Kingdom

Michael Paul grew up in New Zealand but travels the world for his work, with stunning results. He takes inspiration from Australian lifestyle photographers and has developed his own unique style based on pared-down Zen aesthetics and brilliant colours.

He feels fortunate to be able to spend his time photographing the things he loves most: food, interiors, architecture and gardens. Michael is now based in South West London. His work appears regularly in prestigious magazines such as Vogue Entertaining & Travel, Gourmet, Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple Magazine, Delicious, Marie Claire Italy, Elle à Table, Food Illustrated, Food and Wine, Vogue Living, The Sunday Times Style and Saturday Telegraph magazine.

Cooked cherries blended in cream in a bowl Cooked cherries in bowl with spoon showing juice Game soup with croutons and sherry Gazpacho Gazpacho soup with croutons on ice German hot dogs with sauerkraut, mustard and beer