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Alain Caste

Alain Caste


French food photographer Alain Caste is passionate about his work. In his Parisian studio he works closely with his wife Faïza Mebazaa. Together they are a professional team doing the cooking, styling and photography without outside help. He favours natural light and creates an atmosphere that reflects the pleasures of full-flavoured and inventive cuisine. His children, who enthusiastically taste all that they prepare, are among the couple’s fiercest critics.

His subject matter ranges from typical French cuisine to Mediterranean specialities and international dishes which he reinvents, presenting them in a fresh and new context. His resourcefulness, creativity and his erudition make him one of the world’s most sought after photographers. He has worked for international clients and contributed to many cookery book productions. His versatile collection at StockFood ranges from conceptual clips to sophisticated stills and atmospheric portraiture.

Two raspberry tarts Macaroons filled with cherry jam Creamy soft cheese in glass Chocolate cream sprinkled with chili powder, in glasses Mousse au chocolat with mango and raspberries Steamed, sliced carrots Tuna burger