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Bianca Brandon-Cox

Bianca Brandon-Cox


”It might sound crazy, I always remember what I eat, and so it has been since I was little. I believe in the power of food. Food to me is more than just nutrition. Food is art, design, flavor, color, shape, texture, smell – it is through food that I understand and experience the world. I love the way food communicates culture and history, social trends, passion and craftsmanship. Its ability to create emotions, memories and bonds between people fascinates me. I am just as passionate in the people behind the food and their ability to create masterpieces.

"It’s no surprise that the camera has become Bianca’s weapon of choice – she more or less grew up in a darkroom. Bianca’s grandmother was an avid photographer, the only female member of her photography club, and she inspired Bianca to pick up the camera herself. Bianca started her career as a newspaper photographer, and later discovered her passion in food photography while working with commercial food concepts as an Art Director and stylist at advertising agencies. In 2009, she also co-founded FOOD PEOPLE, which offers food trend related tours and lectures.

Today, she is producing material such as: photos, portraits, still life, traveling stories, reportage of food, people, raw produce and their surroundings, for magazines and commercial companies mostly in Sweden. She lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

Bread filled with cream cheese, egg, prawns, herbs and edible flowers A jar containing dry ingredients for making hot chocolate with marshmallows Mini cream cheese cake with rye bread, smoked salmon and wasabi Bread filled with cream cheese, egg, prawns, herbs and edible flowers Mixes for risotto all arrabiata and for mushroom risotto, in separate jars A canapé of bread topped with cream cheese, smoked elk, onions and borage flowers Mazarin cake (almond cake, Sweden) with strawberries and cream