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Ursula Sonnenberg


Ursula Sonnenberg shares a studio with her partner Dieter Kellner in Hamburg. She likes to think of her working area as the river basin between the north German rivers Alster and the Elbe. Although this sounds somewhat local, it’s good to remember that the Elbe River basin includes four European countries, inhabited by nearly 25 million people.

Ursula looks back on decades of experience and says that although she is over 60, she is still in love with photography. She now concentrates mainly on working for publishers rather than commercial clients. But she always finds time for the personal projects close to her heart. Madonna figures are her current passion. She spares neither time nor travel to discover and photograph them.

Wherever she goes and whatever she does, for Ursula the main thing is being in the middle of life and experiencing and enjoying it thoroughly – and cooking is a big part of it all.

Fried garlic prawns with lime mayonnaise Dolmades (Stuffed vine leaves, Greece) Cherries and cinnamon sticks on glass plate Apricot jam with ginger Pickled fresh goat's cheese with toast A glass of mineral water with ice cubes and lime