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Coffee Lovers watch out! These are the Coffee Highlights

A wake-up call, bean juice, hot cuppa Joe or black gold – on October 1st coffee is celebrated with its own international holiday. Celebrate it: Our coffee highlights!

In a comparison of countries, Finland has ranked number one amongst coffee drinkers. Each German consumes an average of 162 liters of coffee per year ranking Germany in the upper middle region.  In the USA, per capita consumption is somewhat lower. However, worldwide more and more coffee is being consumed. More than 1.4 billion cups are sipped every day throughout the world.

Pour Over

After capsules and pads conquered the market, there is a new found appreciation for good old filtered coffee. A simple and well-known preparation method with a new, hip term has become the big trend of young coffee lovers: Modern hand filtering is now known as “pour over”. The aim is to brew a cup of black coffee that is full-bodied and flavorful.

Cold Brew

Cold Brew has also become an indispensable trend. The coffee is prepared with cold water and the brewing process can last up to 16 hours. The result is delicious coffee with fewer bitter ingredients, lower acidity, and more aroma. The cold coffee can be served as is or as an iced latte. It is now being used as a mixer in cocktails. A mixed drink made with Cold Brew, Tonic Water, and Gin has become very popular.

Have a look at our Cold Brews!
Maca coffee

Almond and cashew iced coffee with maca

This is a quasi-superfood in a cup. Maca coffee is said to contain more caffeine than normal coffee and is more tolerable. The Maca fruit grows in the Andes and contains Guarana. It is easily digestible making it perfect for those with sensitive stomachs and is not known to make hearts race. Maca is not a real coffee but is considered an ideal alternative to espresso.



Mushroom coffee, Vietnamese coffee (with condensed milk) and many other varieties are also becoming more popular. Whatever you enjoy:

Happy International Coffee Day!


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