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Mick Shippen

Mick Shippen


Mick Shippen is known for his colourful, exuberant photos from Southeast Asia. Although born in England, he has been living in Thailand since 1997 and is a recognized authority on Southeast Asia. His travels take him regularly to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and other countries in the region.

Mick Shippen has fallen in love with Southeast Asia and its cuisine. Whether he is photographing a girl selling lobsters in Cambodia or documenting vivid scenes at the fish market in Yangon, he is constantly searching for ways to deepen his knowledge of the region and its people and cuisines.

Mick was a finalist in the international competition, 'Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2012'. In 2013 he was selected in three categories and won first prize in the ‘Philip Harben Award for Food in Action’ category with an image taken in Yangon, Myanmar.

He is the author and photographer of several books in the ‘Enchanting Asia’ series covering Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Bangkok and Chiang Mai & Northern Thailand. Mick is also the author of The Traditional Ceramics of South East Asia.

His expertise and deep commitment to the region is highly valued by clients like the Australian Sunday Telegraph, Leo Burnett or Thai Airways or Vanity Fair.

A keen biker, he spends his spare time motorcycling and has toured extensively on and off-road in Laos, northern Thailand and Sri Lanka.

Bay leaves with morning dew (Melton Mowbury, UK) Freshly uprooted celery (Melton Mowbury, UK) Rosemary (Melton Mowbury, UK) Autumn on a allotment (Melton Mowbury, UK) Freshly uprooted carrots (Melton Mowbury, UK) Apples in a garden tool shed (Melton Mowbury, UK)