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Linda Burgess

Linda Burgess

United Kingdom

Self-taught photographer Linda Burgess is renowned for her still-life photography and her bold sense of colour. Her passion is for flowers and the natural world. She started taking pictures in her garden after her daughter was born and in those early days she would take days to photograph a single chestnut or dew on a lupine leaf. A whole new world opened up to her but it took several years to develop her current style.

The London-based photographer shoots in available light whenever possible, as it is the most sympathetic for flowers and colour. Many of her subjects originate in her own garden. Her sensibility to nature quickly won her an international following. She has worked on many books and magazines where she has contributed images of both food and flowers.

She regards the time spent in her own home and garden as a kind of meditative playtime which she really enjoys.

Strawberry cake with cream surrounded by summery roses and jasmine blossoms Layered lemon drizzle cake decorated with icing and edible flowers Grilled vegetable skewers with pumpkin, tomato, feta and herbs Summery beetroot quiche with feta and pansies on a picnic blanket Caramelised physalis (close-up) Close up of Quince jam (Cydonia oblonga) in a round glass dish with gold spoon and a fresh quince with a pink napkin